Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adventure By Bike

That's the motto I have been living by this past month.  Getting the fat bike has just opened up an entirely different mode of exploring.  I promise once the newness wears off, I'll quit posting and writing about it:)

The purchase was definitely a healthy one, as I've ridden more miles in the past month than I did most of the entire summer.  Peddling in the snow is more difficult, but it is worth it.  Nobody is on the trails, the serenity is wonderful, and riding in the elements is just awesome:) 

I actually see quite a bit of wildlife while riding, but the only downside is that I am not stalking closer for better closeup photos.  I have to start balancing more slow hiking in to get the photos I want.  Below are the critters that I have seen in the past couple of days while biking:

A super cropped distant coyote I spotted across a field

Lots of geese around here lately

Geese on their ice trail


A great benefit to biking in the snow is covering lots of ground for animal track viewing.  Most of the animals in the area tend to follow the canal, so it makes it easy to keep an eye on their paths from the bike.  If they go into the timber....I just get off my bike and follow:)

A mink bounding under a branch.

I have to admit, that sometimes animal tracks in the snow throw me for a loop.  I much prefer the clarity of prints in mud.  When I'm not sure, I usually take measurements, as well as photos and then try and figure it out at home.  I didn't have my ruler with me today, and found myself a bit stumped on these tracks.  At first I thought the lines were tail drags, but I really think it is a front foot drag.  I'm thinking skunk, but not 100% sure.  Any help on these would be great!



Samantha said...

I'm the worst track ID person on earth. It's ridiculous. Books upon books of track ID and I still have NO idea. I'm really playing with the idea of getting a bike.

Trailblazer said...

That snow-bike is pretty bad a$$! I'd post about it too, if I had one that I was using! :)

Joe said...

Unusual to catch the coyote out during the day.

knapperbill said...

Thank you guys for all commenting! Samantha, the bikes are costly, but certainly worth it (to me). If you like to explore and exercise at the same time, you'll love it.

Trailblazer, glad you like the bike. It will be difficult to not include it in my posts from time to time:)

Hey Joe, I've been seeing way more coyotes this year during the daytime than I ever have. We haven't had a hard winter by any means, so not sure what the deal is!


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